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We got married

Denne side på dansk - Tak
See Vallensbæk church's homepage

Priest Fred Andersen performed the ceremony

The church is from around 1150 and still has many of the original chalk-paintings

The wedding was in Vallensbæk church. Thats because Georg is born and raised in Vallensbæk and also baptized there.

Linda and her dad were picked up at our home and driven to the church in this old Rolls Royce from 1931.

After the ceremony we had champagne for the ride and were driven to a site near our home to have the wedding pictures taken.

The wedding rings were bought in Ishøj at Eyde-Jørgensen, and look like this.

Linda's ring has got 5 small stones but besides from that, they're identical.

See what became of our engagements rings
What can you do with your old engagement rings, when you've bought new wedding rings?
Click the picture to find out.
The wedding gown we (Linda) choose to rent.
We searched the net and ended up trying
Lykke-brudekjoler and she had just what Linda was looking for.
The hair was set by the local hair dresser, with fresh flowers as you can see.
See Lykkes Weddinggowns' homepage

Menu :


Smoked salmon roll with sauce verte, topped with krebs

Main course

Pork roast fried as wild game
served with waldorfsalat, turnipsalat, berries, pommes risoles and wild game creamesauce


Nut basket with honey parfait, fresh berries and passion fruit colis

The wedding dinner was held in local facilities, by our home.

Linda's ex-boss was a chef, so he promised to cook the dinner and he provided this menu (I've tried to translate it).
It was perfect.

The wedding cake was bought at Bilka too. It was not just beautiful, but it also tasted deliciously.

See Per krogen's homepage

At the wedding dinner and for the dance later on, Per Krogen played piano and saxofon.
We really enjoyed his entertaintment.

The serious piano bar

Of course the groom (Georg) gave a speech. You can link to it here, but it hasn't been translated.

Flowers was the groom's job. (There's no women's lib when it comes to weddings)
They were bought at a local greenhouse.That goes for both the flowers for the bride, for the dinner table and bottonholeflowers for the groom , the best man and the father of the bride.
Perfect match and lovely colors.

See what we did with the bride's bouquet after the wedding
One should be able to save such a bouquet....
What do you do ?
Click the picture for the answer

We thought that it would be a bit tame to spend the wedding night in our own home, so we've booked a room at Hotel Hvide Hus in Køge.
Of course we wanted the wedding suite, but everywhere we called, it was already taken that day.

link to the hotel