Denne side på dansk

My name is Knut Georg Hagstrøm.
The name Knut I got from my Norwegian part of the family, but people just call me Georg.

I'm married to someone called Linda . We live in Greve south of Copenhagen Denmark with our two cats. those two cats are doing just fine. They fight each other from four in the morning - just like any descent cat should.

Below you can see a little more about my person.
My trip with MTV to USA back in 1987, my bedroom wall from my younger days, our wedding, and my brothers deadly site.
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The Wall in My BedroomThe Wall in my Bedroom
Min tur til USA i 1987Jeg vandt en rejse til USA i 1987 over MTV
En Død sideMy brothers mortal site
Our Cats our cats
Vallensbæk churchOur Beautyful wedding in 2001
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See newspaper cuttings, pictures, other braggin stuff, and read about my trip to USA with Pink Floyd in 1987
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This photo was taken in 1987, as I had won a trip on MTV to USA where I was going to meet Pink Floyd. So there I am with the American winner of the same competition to the left and David Gilmour in the middle.
As you probably know Gilmour plays the guitar in Pink Floyd.
I could tell so many things from this trip.....
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So I'm a great Pink Floyd fan.
I made a small tribute site in English and a bigger one in Danish.
The picture to the right links to the Danish site but link here to read in English.
Min egen hyldest side til Pink Floyd
Atom Heart Mother, Relics, Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You where Here, The Wall and Animals
Visit my Danish Floyd site :
Pink Floyd Hyldest .dk
As if that wasn't enough, I want you to see my bedroom wall from my bachelor days. I've been a fan of Pink Floyd ever since they released The Wall back in 1979.
So here's a photo of my bedroom wall as it looked in those days.
(No I'm probably not quite sane)
See more photos of my wall on the next sites
Get a closer look here
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Goodmorning Worm Your Honor
Our wedding Linda and I got married August 18. 2001.
We got married in Vallensbæk church because I was christined and raised in Vallensbæk. It is a beautiful and old church. We could of course have chosen to get married in Ørslev church where Linda comes from, but as Vallensbæk lies much closer to Greve, where the wedding party was to take place, we choose Vallensbæk.
Link to our wedding-site.
As it happens, this was the site that started my homepage-work. We had found the limousine, the wedding gown, the musician, hotel, and even our church on the web, as we prepared for the wedding. So I realized that the entire wedding invitation could have been made up as a web page linking everywhere. I never went that far with the invitations but I made the site after the wedding with all these links.
Want a bite ?
We haven't got many kids - so instead we've got two cats.
They of course are our children.
We've got two cats. Nero being the oldest was born in 1998 and he is a boy. The second cat i s abeutifull small lady called Anna
We used to have a cat called Kiwi. She was a Persian but unfortunatly she got cancer and died.

If you'd like to see photos of our cats, you can link to my Danish site. I used to have an English site as well, but no anymore.
The Dance of Death
The Death from Lübeck
My oldest brother has a site on The Death from Lübeck.
One is tempted to say that is real killer site - and it is too! Never the less it is thorough and well documented and certainly more visited than the site your visiting right now!

My brother does have another site on the Bible or rather on religion, but as it insn't in English I won't link to it here.
No this is just a funny piece. It doesn't link anywhere, so you can take that cursor away.
And as we wind on down the road
Our shadows taller than our soul
There walks a lady we all know